Arielle Martinez Cohen

Arielle will be performing with a four-piece band of top gun musicians a strong set of pop cover songs.

Arielle performed the Festival Stage last year and earned a spot on the Main Stage this year.

Arielle Martinez Cohen is a singer, songwriter, and producer  from Pacific Palisades.  She just graduated from New West Charter School (class Valedictorian) and is headed off to Brown University in the fall.

She has been working in the music business since she was nine years old, singing back-up vocals for artists such as Macklemore, Imagine Dragons, Frank Ocean, Foster The People and Linda Perry, and appearing on the Jimmy Kimmel Show, Conan O’Brien and The Talk, among others.

At 13, she started to write her own songs, and at 15 she was selected to attend Grammy Camp for Songwriting. In January of this year, her song, “Two Minutes to Midnight” was used by The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists in their announcement of the Doomsday Clock, and in March of this year, she sang her song “Why” at the March For Our Lives rally in downtown Los Angeles in front of 200,000 people. This led to interviews on Buzzfeed News and ABC 7 News, which, in turn, led to her being selected by Instagram for their #captureconfidence campaign, featuring teen girls who are using their talents to affect positive change. The campaign was launched on Good Morning America with the release of the book Confidence Code for Girls.

To complement her singing, songwriting and producing, Arielle plays the piano and guitar, and is also a talented dancer. In addition, she’s a straight A Honors student at her high school, New West Charter.

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Arielle Martinez Cohen