Past events (started in 2008)

Palisades Rocks the 4th was started in 2008.  See below for highlights from prior shows.


2020 Virtual Concert Information

Palisades Americanism Parade Association (“PAPA”) presented its 2020 annual July 4th music and fireworks festival as a virtual concert to be livestreamed for no charge simultaneously on the Facebook Live, YouTube Live and Twitch platforms, starting at 8 p.m. on July 4th, allowing viewers to enjoy the show at home, in a park, or as the soundtrack to a family BBQ.

Music directors Adam Topol (Jack Johnson) and Tom Freund headlined the concert that featured their friends, including three-time Grammy winner Ben Harper, Grammy nominees Rocky Dawuni and Louise Goffin, touring pros Jessy Greene (Pink, Foo Fighters) Chris Joyner (Heart, Ray Lemontagne), and KT Tunstall. Also performing are Gilli Messer (2006 PaliHi grad.), rising stars Trinity Rose, Arielle Martinez Cohen and Jacob Winthrop; the Palisades Charter High School Band, and Mr. Jimmy Dunn.

The event was emceed by Sam Lagana, the Voice of the Los Angeles Rams, and included several surprise greetings from celebrities who live in the Palisades.

During the unprecedented crisis, music is one of the few things that has consistently spread hope and inspiration throughout the world.  

Palisades Rocks the Fourth 2020 Virtual Concert Trailer

Palisades Rocks the Fourth 2020 Full Virtual Concert




Adam Topol Drums, Tom Freund Vocals &Guitar, Ethan Phillips Bass, Emile Millar Vocals & Guitar, Chris Joyner, and Lucy Schwartz Vox




Check out 2019 performance lineup

To watch 2019’s full performance, and past shows, visit the concert page.




Enjoy the Palisades Rocks the Fourth Event Videos.


  1. 2018 Main Stage Show
  2. 2018 Palisades Rocks the 4th Finale – This Land Is Your Land
  3. Arielle Martinez Cohen
  4. “No More” – Arielle Martinez Cohen, Ray Goren, The Incredible Tut
  5. Palisades Parade   trailer for Sarah Kelly’s 2013 documentary film
  6. 2017 Pacific Palisades Parade Preview  (edited by Richard Greenberg)
  7. 2016 Concert finale: This Land is Our Land (edited by Richard Greenberg)
  8. Palisades Rocks the 4th sizzle (2011)  (edited by Rob Weber)

2018 Main Stage Show:

2018 Palisades Rocks the Fourth Finale – This Land is Your Land:

Arielle Martinez Cohen – Montage (2018):

Arielle Martinez Cohen, Ray Goren, The Incredible Tut – No More (2018):

Palisades Charter High School Concert Band, 7.14.18

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300 minutes of live music; on two stages; 100% local musicians and friends; and the fireworks!

  1. Moonlighters
  3. Cohort
  5. Palisades High School Charter Band, under the direction of Alex
  6. 2017 Palisades All Stars, directed by local musician and educator, Tom Farrell, along with jazz drummer and local music teacher Dylan  Ryan. Farrell and his wife, Reiko Nakano, own and operate a music school, Sound Roads Music in Santa Monica.
  8. HEADLINER:  Adam Topol and The High Tide Rolling Review


Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 8.23.42 PM


OUR 2017 HEADLINER:  Adam Topol and The High Tide Rolling Review

photo by Hugh Slavitt
photo by Morgan Genser
photo by Morgan Genser
Joy Daunis - 2017-4th of July_16
photo by Joy Daunis
Morgan Genser - 24
photo by Morgan Genser

The Terraplanes

photo by Hugh Slavitt

Joy Daunis - 2017-4th of July_61
photo by Joy Daunis

2017 Palisades All Stars

(by Sound Roads Music: Tom Farrell, Dylan  Ryan, and Reiko Nakano)

photo by Hugh Slavitt

Palisades High School Charter Band, under the direction of Alex Dale


Joy Daunis - 2017-4th of July_02
photo by Joy Daunis

Phat Trick 

Virginia Bustamante Skolnik - Virginia Skolnik043
photo by Virginia Bustamante Skolnik


Virginia Bustamante Skolnik - Virginia Skolnik033
photo by Virginia Bustamante Skolnik

Keith Carrington

Virginia Bustamante Skolnik - Virginia Skolnik034
photo by Virginia Bustamante Skolnik

photo by Hugh Slavitt
Cheryl Dimont - _62A9791
photo by Cheryl Dimont
Cheryl Dimont - _62A9698
photo by Cheryl Dimont
Cheryl Dimont - _62A9897
photo by Cheryl Dimont
Morgan Genser - 34
photo by Morgan Genser
Morgan Genser - 33
photo by Morgan Genser
Morgan Genser - 31
photo by Morgan Genser


Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 12.25.43 PM


2016 Fourth of July Sizzle:

2016 Concert Finale – This Land is Your Land:



Brett Hool, John Kibler u0026amp; Elizabeth Goodfellow, with Sylvain Carton, Joe Kennedy, Ben Peeler, Michael Bush u0026amp; Brett Farkas

Morgan Genser - 21.JPG
photo: Morgan Genser

Review:  “Our group of 27 family and friends all really loved the performance that We Are The West put on for the Palisades Rocks the Fourth. As long-term residents of the Palisades, we were all duly impressed by their artistry and inspired performance. It was truly a Fourth that will remain forever etched in our collective loving memories of this wonderful slice of heaven that we know as Pacific Palisades: where the mountains meet the sea. Thank you so much to the organizers for booking We Are The West, we truly look forward to them performing again at many Fourth of July celebrations to come!”

joy daunis - _p2HBD7447


Morgan Genser - 13.JPG
photo: Morgan Genser
Emile Adam jumbotron
photo: Keith Turner


Morgan Genser - 16.JPG
photo:  Morgan Genser


photo: Morgan Genser

Directed by local musician and educator, Tom Farrell, along with esteemed jazz drummer Dylan Ryan.

Conrad Smith, Tula Jussen,Kylie Magnis, Jack Ross, Emma O’Neil, Reiko Nakano, Dylan Ollivier, Harry Clennon, Vanessa Gottlieb.

photo:  Hugh Slavitt




Afshin Paydar - IMG_2203
photo: Afshin Paydar


with lead guitarist Chris Nordlinger

Virginia Bustamante Skolnik - July4.2016.32VSkolnik
photo: Virginia Skolnik


(Cohort began as a music class at Sound Roads Music /Tom Farrell)




FEATURING ADAM TOPOL (Jack Johnson’s drummer) and TOM FREUND (Ben Harper, Brett Dennen, and many others) and with special guests:  Louse Goffin and Rocky Dawuni

Main Stage opening bands:

  1.  Louise Goffin with Greg Wells and sons  Elijah Wells and Hayden Wells

  2. The Palisades All Stars, organized by PJ Hildebrand of The Ooks Of Hazzard and Amazing Music

  3. The award winning PALISADES CHARTER HIGH SCHOOL CONCERT BAND, led by  Arwen Hernandez


  • LEXIE ROSE and band





Adam Topol has played with Jack Johnson since 1999, drummed on six platinum albums, and played several international tours and festivals. His touring and recording credits also include David Gilmore (Pink Floyd), Joey Santiago (The Pixies), Mason Jennings, Zee Avi, and his own group Culver City Dub Collective. His current Brushfire Records release, Blue Painted Walls in Far Away Places, has enjoyed critical acclaim and radio play. The music that Adam has made with artists like Jack Johnson has a vibe that fits out Palisades. Adam brings that spirit but adds a specific West LA twist. Adam has lived in Venice for 17 years, but has strong Palisades connections. |


Tom Freund’s connection with Ben Harper is well known, but he has his own music which is on regular rotation  on KCRW. He has also contributed music and playing on albums by artists such as Graham Parker, Mandy Moore, Josh Kelley. His songs have appeared on many television shows, including Dawson’s Creek and Parenthood. |


Adam and Tom are very excited to be our July 4 concert headliners this year. Tom and his family have enjoyed July 4 in the Palisades, and both Tom and Adam have heard that our July 4 concert is a great gig from our prior performers, including Rocky Dawuni, and Rami Jaffee from the Foo Fighters. (Adam and Tom are on Rocky’s new album.) They are excited to have a July 4 gig close to home. They are totally into the spirit of the July 4th holiday. Adam and Tom are putting together a great set of original and cover songs. Those who want to dance will have a good grove to move to, and those who want to tap their toes and relax with friends on blankets will be happy. The West Side Troubadours will get our crowd going with a more beachy/surf vibe than last year’s harder rock All Stars.


Born in Brooklyn, New York, and raised in LA’s Laurel Canyon during its music halcyon days, Louise Goffin is a  badass, multi-talented, modern-day renaissance woman. Her jobs in music have ranged from singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, recording artist, record producer, and has been known to tour as a hired gun for other artists. She released her debut album on Elektra/Asylum when she was 19. Along the way Louise produced a Grammy-nominated record for Carole King, “A Holiday Carole” which was King’s 17th studio album and her first studio album in 10 years. Louise has released seven solo albums of her own, on major labels ranging from Elektra/Asylum, Warner Bros. and Dreamworks to independent releases on her Majority of One imprint.

Her seventh studio recording, Appleonfire, got its genesis following the June 19th 2014 passing of her father, lyricist Gerry Goffin. In a prolifically creative time, Louise began recording her new EP only months after her first release in six years, Songs From The Mine, which was described by the San Diego Troubadour as “a masterpiece of reinvention”, by The Los Angeles Times as “endearing folk-pop”, and by American Songwriter as “a terrific return from an artist…whose best work is likely ahead of her.”

Appleonfire features Jakob Dylan on the opening track “Take A Giant Step” , and  Joseph Arthur on a duet with Louise of “If I’m Late”.  Her new EP boasts original songs including a stunning previously unreleased co-write with her father, Gerry Goffin, titled “I’m Not Rich But I’m Not Poor”.  Guitar World affirms Louise’s growth artistically, describing how “long ago (her career) transcended the shadow of expectation that goes with being the daughter of elite members of the Songwriters and Rock and Roll Halls of Fame, proven here in the way that her own tunes appear triumphantly on Appleonfire alongside the ones her dad and mom penned.”

Louise has lived in England, travels to New York, Nashville, and the Mid-West, and is based in Los Angeles. She has toured the world on electric guitar in Tears For Fears, and played banjo with Bryan Ferry. For many who grew up with The Gilmore Girls hit TV show, Louise’s voice can be heard with Carole’s on the duet in the opening theme“Where You Lead”.


lrg_img_3In a city where stars are expected to shine bright, burn out and fade away, the stars that shine steady are too often overlooked. Dale Fisher is one such star. He’s a well-traveled musician who has written and recorded with John Mellencamp, conquered the Los Angeles local scene, climbed a mountain of soundtracks, recorded and performed around the world, and even penned a commercial jingle or two. Fisher, an Iowa native who transplanted in Los Angeles after musical detours to ski resorts in the West and New Orleans, Little Rock, Memphis and inbetween as well as all over Europe. Fisher offers a perspective that’s not common in the ever-changing, always- cynical music industry; he boasts an airy and buoyant, acoustic guitar-based sound, densely spackled around a farm-fresh foundation. He can, and has, impressed staunch Hollywood crowds and celebrity types with his dynamic lyrics about life and love, and he does so with a musical transparency virtually unheard of in a city where the neon nights of the Sunset Strip offer so little solitude to the bleeding heart of a wear-your-heart-on-your- sleeve singer-songwriter.


LexieLexie Rose is a 14 year old singer/songwriter from Los Angeles, CA. She began her music career at the age of 8 and has been performing ever since. Lexie is one that radiates confidence beyond her age in both her songwriting and in her live performances wether it is introducing her audience to her original tunes like Rain, 20 weeks, Hangin’ On, or flawlessly covering an Amy Winehouse, Janis Joplin, or Sam Cooke hit. She performs with the fearless confidence and presence of a stage veteran. Lexie recently recorded some original tracks with Grammy Award winning producer Sheldon Gomberg, and is currently in the studio. Keep an eye on Lexie Rose, the odds are real good you’ll hear her in the near future. |



After School Special (The All Star Cover Band)


The Ooks of Hazzard


The Palisades Charter High School Concert Band

             directed by Arwen Hernandez

:Joel Henry Stein


Dale Fisher



After School Special (The All Star Cover Band)


Rock n’ Roll is back in the Pacific Palisades! Featuring world-class artists with celebrated musical talents, the All Star Cover Band promises to bring a surge of classic rock hits to electrify our Fourth of July bash.


Dave Krusen (former Pearl Jam drummer) – Christopher Thorn (Blind Melon guitarist) – Rami Jaffee (Foo Fighters u0026amp; Wallflowers keyboardist) – Rick Rosas (Neil Young and Joe Walsh bassist) – Jessy Greene (former Wilco, Pink and Foo Fighters violinist) – Jonny Kaplan (Jonny Kaplan and the Lazy Stars singer)


The Ooks of Hazzard


The Palisades Charter High School Concert Band

For their sixth consecutive year, the Palisades Charter High School Band will perform in the Palisades’ annual parade and evening fireworks concert. The band represents the growth of the thriving music programs in the Palisades community.  The Band has a strong competitive history under the direction of Awren Henandez during the past six years.  The Palisades Charter High School Band has won District Championship in 2013 and 2012.  The school has consistently received unanimous superiors at SCSBOA Festivals Southern California; placed 1st at WGI Placentia and qualified for SCPA Championships for the first time.   Such progress displays the high quality of both the Paul Revere Middle School and Palisades Charter High School music programs as they continue to provide superior music educations that impact students not musically, but in all aspects of life, including professionalism, responsibility, and integrity.

Joel Henry Stein


Joel Henry Stein has been described as “Led Zeppelin and Bob Dylan rolled into one, making rockin’ folk music that picks you up and takes you on a journey to Woody Guthrie-land, with stops in Velvet Underground-ville.”  In addition to his own singer-songwriter material, Joel plays a unique blend of traditional Americana, bluegrass, African American spirituals, Appalachian gospel, classic country, and Hebrew psalms, prayers, and folk songs.

Raised on recordings by folk legends such as Pete Seeger, the Kingston Trio, and Harry Belafonte, Joel’s repertoire of traditional folk songs spans hundreds of tunes from the U.S., Ireland, England, South America, the Caribbean, and Africa. His ability to engage both adults and children through song is a rare talent.  Joel has performed at the Kerrville Folk Festival in Texas, Topanga Earth Day Festival in Los Angeles, Big Horn Music Festival in Southern California, and the Strawberry Folk and Wine Festival in Napa.

More info about Joel at

Dale Fisher



Palisades Parade Movie Trailer (2013):

The 2013 concert was another success. Over 6,000 enjoyed the Sixth Annual Palisades Rocks the Fourth Concert. But it is not too late to contribute the cause. A portion of the proceeds of the show go to the Palisades Charter High School Music Department.

Chris Shiflett

ChrisShiflettDeadPeasantsChris Shiflett is the lead guitarist in the Foo Fighters. His own band, THE DEAD PEASANTS, plays infectious Americana-laced rock songs, chock-full of soulful pedal steel- and twang guitar-accented songs steeped in his longtime appreciation of classic country artists (Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Hank Williams), rockabilly (Gene Vincent, Elvis, Eddie Cochran), and deep-rooted rock bands (The Replacements, The Rolling Stones, X). Built around Shiflett’s innate pop sensibilities and punk enthusiasm, each track reveals new layers on repeated and ever rewarding listens. The band sets aside Shiflett’s big guitar sound played through a distortion pedal and a loud amp in favor of twangy electric guitars and his beloved Martin acoustic. THE DEAD PEASANTS highlights Chris’ versatility and skill not only as a guitarist – showcasing his deft playing in an entirely new light – but also as a songwriter: the songs are some of the best, most realized that he’s written. Lyrically, the songs frequently deal with loss…Loss of love, as in the soulful, heavy, ballad-esque “God Damn;” in the chiming keys and buoyant, ringing guitars that belie the crestfallen relationship-gone-wrong of “Get Along;” and in the pedal steel, mandolin, and evocative guitar solo that underline the heartache on “Bandaged”…Or of life, as in the stirring, bluesy groove of “An Atheist’s Prayer;” the rueful slide guitar, country swing of “Death March;” and the spry, jaunty, Old 97s-ian “Baby, Let It Out.”

CHRIS SHIFLETT AND THE DEAD PEASANTS will be playing Stage Coach in April 2013. (Check out his website for more information:


Half Brother was formed in the summer of 2011 in a garage in Pacific Palisades, Singer-Guitarist Rob Tilden, Drummer Cole Fitzgerald, and Bassist Dante Park (all members are 16 and attend New Roads School) bonded over a mutual love of The Strokes first record, the ’90s, and Arizona Iced Tea. They walked out of their first practice having already written the retro, garage-rock boogie “Home,” their most popular song to date. They are inspired by the groups of the Garage-Rock-Revival (Strokes, Vines, White Stripes, etc.) in the early 2000s and indie rock bands like The Walkmen. They have recorded two EPs of original songs. They have played the House of Blues, The Wiskey, the Mint and many other top Los Angeles clubs. KLOS has been playing the “Fade Out” off our first EP. Check out their videos, songs and information on upcoming shows on their Website, or on Facebook

band 1

 For their fifth consecutive year, the Revere-Pali 4th of July Band will perform in the Palisades’ annual parade and evening fireworks concert. The collaborative ensemble is organized under the direction of the two schools’ band directors, Arwen Hernandez and Yosuke Miyoshi. It represents the growth of the two thriving music programs in the Palisades-Brentwood community as they have grown over the years in size, musical demand, and performance excellence. Such progress displays the high quality of both the Paul Revere Middle School and Palisades Charter High School music programs as they continue to provide superior music educations that impact students not musically, but in all aspects of life, including professionalism, responsibility, and integrity.

Arwen Hernandez is in her fifth year as the director of the Palisades Charter High School Band, Drum Line, and Color Guard Program. She currently conducts three instrumental ensembles and one vocal group in addition to directing the fall marching band and overseeing the indoor drum line and winter guard programs in the spring. Ms. Hernandez brings a wealth of musical performance and education experience to the program. Before taking her current position, she was a member of the original London cast of “Blast!”, sang in the Los Angeles Master Chorale under Maestro Grant Gershon, and taught various marching bands and drum corps throughout the nation.

Yosuke Miyoshi is in his ninth year as the director of the Paul Revere Charter Middle School Band Program, where he currently conducts five concert bands and a jazz ensemble that serve 275 students on a daily basis, making his program one of the largest in the Los Angeles Unified School District. In addition, Mr. Miyoshi has been on the staff of several high school marching bands and drum corps in the Southern California area and has received many awards, including the 2009 Petrick Excellence in Education Award, the Airbourne Teacher Trust Fund Grant, and the 2010 Palisades Charter School Foundation Innovation Grant.

The Palisades Charter High School Marching Band has a strong competitive history in the SCSBOA and LAUSD circuits. The 2012 competitive season marked the second consecutive year that the Marching Band qualified for SCSBOA championships. The Marching Band also won LAUSD championships for the second consecutive year.
The Palisades Charter High School Concert Band and Wind Ensemble consistently received unanimous superiors at SCSBOA Festivals in the 2013 spring across Southern California. The season culminated in their qualification and strong performance at a SCSBOA regional festival.

The Palisades Charter High School Indoor Drum Line, in their second year of WGI and SCPA competition, placed 1st at WGI Placentia and qualified for SCPA Championships for the first time, placing 6th out of 12 championship drum lines.

In 2013, the Palisades Charter High School Winter Guard completed a strong season as an independent ensemble in their second year of competitive performance.


Palisades Rocks the Fourth Concert and Fireworks

2012 was another exciting year for The Annual Palisades Rocks the Fourth Concert at Palisades Charter H.S. New Wave music staples the English Beat put on an outstanding performance that was the culmination of a night of exceptional musical talent. Other acts included the Palisades High School Concert Band showing off why they are one of the most touted high school programs in the country. To put an exclamination point on the evening, a fireworks spectaculer followed the musical acts that could only be descibed as magical and breath-taking.




Palisades Rocks the Fourth Sizzle (2011):

Palisades Rocks the Fourth Concert and Fireworks

The annual Palisades Rocks the Fourth concert at Palisades Charter H.S. was bigger and better in 2011. The concert offered a wide range of the finest local amateur and professional entertainment, playing popular and patriotic songs. Rocky Dawuni and Band (Reggae); The House Band (Classic Rock); UCLA Cello Quartet (Classical); Set Theory (Jazz); and Palisades Charter H.S. Concert Band (Traditional). Although the concert ran longer than expected, it was capped in breathtaking fashion by the annual fireworks pageant, presented again by world famous Pyro Spectaculars.

Proceeds went to the Arwen Hernandez’ Palisades Charter H.S. Music Department.



Palisades Rocks the Fourth Concert and Fireworks

The Third annual Palisades Rocks the Fourth concert at Palisades Charter H.S. was bigger and better than last year. The concert offered a wide range of the finest local amateur and professional entertainment, playing popular and patriotic songs.  Peter Himmelman; Fourwayfree;  That; Palisades High Concert Band.  The concert was capped in breathtaking fashion by the annual Pacific Palisades fireworks pageant, again presented by world famous Pyro Spectaculars.

Proceeds went to the Palisades Charter H.S. Music Department.



July 4, 2009, at 6:30 p.m., a family-oriented musical concert, featuring the Palisades High Concert Band, singer Mimi Vitale, and three Palisades-connected rock bands (The House Band, The Mayberry’s and the Elevaters) performed for a crowd that eventually grew to an estimated 4,000, filling the stadium grandstands and covering the football/soccer field.

‘PAPA’s first ‘Palisades Rocks the Fourth’ was a big success,’ said Rich Wilken, the volunteer fireworks show coordinator and longtime resident.

The concert was followed by a 20-minute ‘Let Freedom Ring’ fireworks display that included 385 aerial explosives and 24 multi-shot effects. During the show, patriotic tunes like ‘Stars and Stripes Forever’ and the country-western song ‘I’m Proud to Be an American’ played in the background.

Proceeds went to the Palisades Charter H.S. Music Department.


The pre-fireworks concert was started in 2008.  The idea of a pre-fireworks concert had been a dream of Palisades’ residents Rob Weber and Keith Turner, but that year it was possible because the logistics of the fireworks show had to changed as a result of the newly remodeled Palisades High School Stadium (“Stadium by the Sea”).  Prior to 2008, the fireworks were shot from the western end-zone of the football field, which resulted in the entire field being fenced off.  Spectators were limited to the bench seating.  However, in 2008, the Palisades High School Stadium was re-done, including the installation of the an artificial field.  Because of a concern that a firework’s shell could light the astro-turf on fire, the fireworks had to be shot for another location not so near the football/soccer field.

Finding the new location was a major undertaking.  Every possible space in the Palisades, from the beach, to the park, to Temescal Canyon were studied.    But none of those locations could accommodate the number of spectators that had historically attended the annual show.  The only logical solution was to move the launching are to the school’s quad.  However, the L.A. Fire Department denied the initial permit because it felt the firing site was too close to the school buildings.  Rich Wilken worked his charm and logic to appeal that decision was able to convince the L.A. Fire Department to allow the fireworks to be shot from the school’s quad.

All of the logistics for the fireworks show were decided just a few weeks for July 4th.  At the last PAPA meeting  before  July 4, the Board was discussing what do before the fireworks.  In prior years, canned music was played through the stadium speakers before the firework’s show started at 9 p.m.  Bill Bruns, the editor of the Palisadian-Post newspapers, suggested to PAPA Board member Keith Turner that his band play before the fireworks.  PAPA approved the concept and Keith Turner’s band paid for the professional sound system themselves.

The 2008 show was a huge success.    The PaliHi football field was filled with people swaying and dancing to the music of The House Band, a rock band made up of Palisades dads, with a special guest appearance by drummer and parade president Ron Weber.

At 9 p.m. the fireworks exploded from the new location, the high school quad, which is about 30 ft. higher in elevation than the former firing site.  The night went off without a hitch, capping a perfect ending to another Palisades Fourth.