Adam Topol has played with Jack Johnson since 1999, drummed on six platinum albums, and played several international tours and festivals. His touring and recording credits also include David Gilmore (Pink Floyd), Joey Santiago (The Pixies), Mason Jennings, Zee Avi, and his own group Culver City Dub Collective. His current Brushfire Records release, Blue Painted Walls in Far Away Places, has enjoyed critical acclaim and radio play. The music that Adam has made with artists like Jack Johnson has a vibe that fits out Palisades. Adam brings that spirit but adds a specific West LA twist. Adam has lived in Venice for 17 years, but has strong Palisades connections. |



Tom Freund’s connection with Ben Harper is well knoTomwn, but he has his own music which is on regular rotation  on KCRW. He has also contributed music and playing on albums by artists such as Graham Parker, Mandy Moore, Josh Kelley. His songs have appeared on many television shows, including Dawson’s Creek and Parenthood. |


Adam and Tom are very excited to be our July 4 concert headliners this year. Tom and his family have enjoyed July 4 in the Palisades, and both Tom and Adam have heard that our July 4 concert is a great gig from our prior performers, including Rocky Dawuni, and Rami Jaffee from the Foo Fighters. (Adam and Tom are on Rocky’s new album.) They are excited to have a July 4 gig close to home. They are totally into the spirit of the July 4th holiday. Adam and Tom are putting together a great set of original and cover songs. Those who want to dance will have a good grove to move to, and those who want to tap their toes and relax with friends on blankets will be happy. The West Side Troubadours will get our crowd going with a more beachy/surf vibe than last year’s harder rock All Stars.


louise goffin

Born in Brooklyn, New IMG_0888York, and raised in LA’s Laurel Canyon during its music halcyon days, Louise Goffin is a  badass, multi-talented, modern-day renaissance woman. Her jobs in music have ranged from singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, recording artist, record producer, and has been known to tour as a hired gun for other artists. She released her debut album on Elektra/Asylum when she was 19. Along the way Louise produced a Grammy-nominated record for Carole King, “A Holiday Carole” which was King’s 17th studio album and her first studio album in 10 years. Louise has released seven solo albums of her own, on major labels ranging from Elektra/Asylum, Warner Bros. and Dreamworks to independent releases on her Majority of One imprint.

Her seventh studio recording, Appleonfire, got its genesis following the June 19th 2014 passing of her father, lyricist Gerry Goffin. In a prolifically creative time, Louise began recording her new EP only months after her first release in six years, Songs From The Mine, which was described by the San Diego Troubadour as “a masterpiece of reinvention”, by The Los Angeles Times as “endearing folk-pop”, and by American Songwriter as “a terrific return from an artist…whose best work is likely ahead of her.”

Appleonfire features Jakob Dylan on the opening track “Take A Giant Step” , and  Joseph Arthur on a duet with Louise of “If I’m Late”.  Her new EP boasts original songs including a stunning previously unreleased co-write with her father, Gerry Goffin, titled “I’m Not Rich But I’m Not Poor”.  Guitar World affirms Louise’s growth artistically, describing how “long ago (her career) transcended the shadow of expectation that goes with being the daughter of elite members of the Songwriters and Rock and Roll Halls of Fame, proven here in the way that her own tunes appear triumphantly on Appleonfire alongside the ones her dad and mom penned.”

Louise has lived in England, travels to New York, Nashville, and the Mid-West, and is based in Los Angeles. She has toured the world on electric guitar in Tears For Fears, and played banjo with Bryan Ferry. For many who grew up with The Gilmore Girls hit TV show, Louise’s voice can be heard with Carole’s on the duet in the opening theme“Where You Lead”.




In a city lrg_img_3where stars are expected to shine bright, burn out and fade away, the stars that shine steady are too often overlooked. Dale Fisher is one such star. He’s a well-traveled musician who has written and recorded with John Mellencamp, conquered the Los Angeles local scene, climbed a mountain of soundtracks, recorded and performed around the world, and even penned a commercial jingle or two. Fisher, an Iowa native who transplanted in Los Angeles after musical detours to ski resorts in the West and New Orleans, Little Rock, Memphis and inbetween as well as all over Europe. Fisher offers a perspective that’s not common in the ever-changing, always- cynical music industry; he boasts an airy and buoyant, acoustic guitar-based sound, densely spackled around a farm-fresh foundation. He can, and has, impressed staunch Hollywood crowds and celebrity types with his dynamic lyrics about life and love, and he does so with a musical transparency virtually unheard of in a city where the neon nights of the Sunset Strip offer so little solitude to the bleeding heart of a wear-your-heart-on-your- sleeve singer-songwriter.



lexie rose

Lexie Rose is a 14 year old singer/songwriter from LexieLos Angeles, CA. She began her music career at the age of 8 and has been performing ever since. Lexie is one that radiates confidence beyond her age in both her songwriting and in her live performances wether it is introducing her audience to her original tunes like Rain, 20 weeks, Hangin’ On, or flawlessly covering an Amy Winehouse, Janis Joplin, or Sam Cooke hit. She performs with the fearless confidence and presence of a stage veteran. Lexie recently recorded some original tracks with Grammy Award winning producer Sheldon Gomberg, and is currently in the studio. Keep an eye on Lexie Rose, the odds are real good you’ll hear her in the near future. |